3 new feature suggestions: Save modified views and searches as the default when opening Tickets or Assets plus

1.) Save modified views and searches as the default when opening Tickets or Assets. I created a compressed view but have to select it every time I open the ticket listing. Also I added the Primary user name to the view for my Assets list but have to select it each time I open the listing.
Can we be able to put a check mark on the view we want as the default when opening Ticket and Asset listings?

2.) Can we have an option to Update and close when entering time to save several clicks?

3.) Add a quick search for the Ticket and Asset listings, one field that searches entry, example is when I need to find a Primary user i have to click to open advanced search, add in filter for Primary name… is… then enter the name then apply before I can find the name. If we had a quick search Boolean field on the listings then it would be so much more productive to find a user name attached to an Asset.

Douglas County BOC


We will take a look at this.

I would also like to see all three items Tamara mentioned. Especially #1. I saved an advanced search in Global Searches and I would like it to be my default view. The older versions allowed us to choose the columns we wanted and that worked really nice.

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I also agree with Tamara and would like to have these features.

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I would like to able to select the different fields for me default as well, We use serial numbers and IP’s a lot and after doing a custom search you cant search within it.