Additional information on Asset

We would like additional information on Assets:

OS Information**strong text

clock: date / time
Time zone
OS version Windows 10 Pro v2004 build 19041.572
Windows Boot Time
Screen Saver timeout

System Model: Precision Tower 3620
Memory - Capacity - Number of Slots

Core type: Quad Core

video resolution : 1920x1080x32
Maximum Resolution
manufacturer Dell
Manufacture Date
size: 24

Logical Drives information
Drive Letter; Label; Type (Fixed Disk,CD,USB, Network); total; Free(GB) FileSystem; Used ; % Free

(Local Disk) Physical Drive information
Device Type; SSD or Hard Drive
Health Status
Bus Type: SATA-II or III ; IDE
Number of Partitions
Manufacture Name

Network Printers

list Startup application

Network information
Max Speed

Internet information
Internet/Public IP Address