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Can we change the verbiage from “Primary user” to “Primary Associated User” . Thanks

This has been requested.

I thought Primary Associated User is on the Users tab (see below) which is automatically populated by inventory and this field is for the “manually set” Primary User.

I would prefer to have the manually set Primary User on the General Info page. Maybe we can have both on that page?

rumali, You’re referring to “Associated User” and I’m referring to “Primary Associated User”. I made a visual below, I had made more but because im a “new” user I can only upload one image, booo!

We have “Primary Associated User” , “Associated User” as you show and “Primary User” is under Inventory → Network Information. It seems like we can run Advanced Searches on “Primary Associated User” and “Primary User” but not “Associated User” .

Our old help desk software used this verbiage:
Primary Associated User = Owner
Associated Users = Login History
Primary User = Doesn’t exist as a field, I assume this could be combined with Associated Users / Login History? The last login would be displayed so maybe “Last Login”

Just some ideas… :slight_smile:


I get your point. There seems to be a disconnect with field labels.

The first image below shows that I selected to show both Primary Associated User and Primary User fields.

The search view uses the field label “Primary Associated User” seems to be the same value as the field label “Primary User” on the General Info tab of the asset - shown in the 2nd image below. Shondra Holmes.

The search view uses the field label “Primary User” for, what seems like, the Users page where one can add an “Associated User.” This field seems to be using AD_Login name - sholmes.

Personally, I just want to make sure that all fields and labels match no matter what view you’re on.

I’m pretty sure that is incorrect and its being pulled from the location below in the image.

I agree with that statement 100% :slight_smile:

I totally didn’t realize that was there. I’m sure you’re correct.

For the sake of organizations using the manual Primary user field, I hope that the Network Information > Primary User field is added to and does not replace the current Primary user field.

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