Change Assets in ticket and also suggest Asset for ticket

The legacy BOSS had a feature that once you put a requester in, it pulled from the Assets part, the name of their computer they most-often use.

Also, it would be cool if we could change or add asset after the ticket is made. Right now looks like you can only put an asset in when you make a ticket. So if you use email2ticket, you can’t ever have an asset. Our tickets are getting way behind on assets.

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You can link and unlink one or more asset(s) from a ticket after ticket creation.

I think what swhitaker was suggesting was to bring back the option to show the associated assets by default, like it used to do. Instead of having to manually dig around and figure out which device belongs to the user. This was a helpful feature in the previous version.

I had also brought this up with Kris a while back because it is a function we would like to see restored as well. Thanks!

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exactly! the old system had something like this and it was just show up for you. it was 100% right, but it worked most the time.