Creating New Locations


Locations are predefined places for your assets to be. Whenever you scan an Asset tag, the application will update its location to where it was scanned. For this to be accurate, you should create predefined locations with meaningful names for your places such as branch offices, warehouses, schools, or job sites. you can then group these into larger locations such as cities, states, or even countries. if an item is within range of that location when it is scanned, it will be listed as at that location.

Creating a Location

  1. Go to Settings | General | Locations
  2. Click "New Location".
  3. Give the location a meaningful name (Ex: "Warehouse 13").

  4. If you would like to group the location under another existing broader location, select the broader location from the "Parent location" field, otherwise leave this field blank.

  5. enter the latitude and longitude of the location, preferably the center of the location. (if you do not know this, this free online tool2 can help)

  6. Click Save.

You can now define Assets as being at this location.