Default Search - Look in "Primary Associated User" field

I made a reply in the “Primary User Clarification” thread but I think this is actually a feature request so ill post here. :slight_smile:

I think the “Primary user” verbiage highlighted below may be changed to “Primary Associated User” . Regardless, when in the default view for assets can the search also look at this field? I understand I can run an Advanced Search with a filter but it would save a lot of clicks to just type “Mary Smith” and have all her assets be displayed. This is how our old help desk software worked and we liked it. Obviously if its not technologically possible because of xyz reasons that is fine but i figured I can ask… I did see the “3 new feature suggestions” thread and maybe having the ability to change your default view and have the ability to search within that is two birds, one stone. :wink: Thanks

I will submit this to development as an enhancement.

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