Dell API not working

Hello and good day,

I recently setup a TechDirect account with Dell in order to get a Warranty API. However, when I input it in the Boss system, I’m getting an error message when testing a warranty check. Is there any current issue with the Dell warranty API integration?

Yes Dell came out with a version 5 which we have put in our version 287. So if you have the new version 5 info, you will need to be upgraded to 287 so that you can use Dell Version 5 warranty.

That must be what it is then. I just setup the API this week. How do I go about upgrading to 287?

We are working on releasing this version and site agent 2.0 all at once along with Monitors. The version more than likely will become version 288 with site agent 2.0. We are almost done with testing for rollout.