Email2Ticket HowTo


The Boss SupportCentral Email2Ticket feature has the following capabilities:

  1. Define multiple mailboxes that can receive mails which will be processed the SupportCentral email processor
  2. Emails received in these assigned mail boxes will be disposed in one of 3 ways:
    • A new ticket will be created
    • If the email is in reply to a existing ticket notification, the message in the email will be extracted and added as a “User Note” to he existing ticket in the subject line.
    • If the subject line has one of the “Excluded Tokens”, the email will be ignored.
  3. Each mail box can be configured to route the tickets to different group, category etc.


  1. From the SupportCentral Manager Menu,
    Select Tools => EmaiTicketSettings

  2. To create a new mail box, Right Click on MailBox, select New

  3. Enter the imap settings and credentials

  4. configure the ticket routing and other attributes

  5. Select Tools => HelpdeskServiceSettings

  6. Configure Email2Ticket standard settings

    Email2TicketEnabled = True to activate
    Email2CreateTicketForOutsideUsers = 0 (Reject mail from outside users), > 0 Action based on the DefaultUserId
    Email2TicketDefaultUserIdForOutsideUsers > 0 . Use this userid for all outside users if option b > 0
    Email2TicketExcludedTokens : Comma delimited string of tokens to be excluded for email2ticket processing.
    Email2TicketForwardunreadmailsto: ** Not Used **
    Email2TicketFrequency : interval in minutes when scheduler will read new tickets in the designated mailboxes.

  7. Configure Email2Ticket other settings: ProcesReply
    There is an additional feature which was introduced mid 2017. This option is not available via the GUI. It needs to be set directly in the database.

This option is set in the table HelpdeskServiceSettings:
Option Name: boss.email2Ticket.processreply
Option Value: True/False

If this option is set to true,
Messages sent as reply to ticket notification emails, that is emails that have the prefix “Re:” followed by either:

  • New Ticket - nnnnn - - [Action:New ticket]

  • Ticket Updated - nnnnn - - [Action:Ticket updated]

Note: nnnnn = TicketId

Tickets with identified valid ticketid and the keywords underlined above, the message part of the email will be added as a User Note to the identified ticket id.

If the option is False, if Re: is not an excluded token, the process may create a new ticket. If Re is an excluded token, the mail will be ignored.