Group missing Users (Active Directory Integration)

This is a high priority issue.

It appears some of our users are disappearing from the Group Memberships. I have confirmed they are in Active Directory and they were in the groups prior to the last update.

How do I find out if this feature is no longer working?
How do I force Boss Support Central to re-scan and populate these groups from Active Directory?

We are running Version

We can go through the manual scan and may need to turn on the sam acct feature also.

Ok. How do we do that?

I guess is a nightly process updated and repopulated the users to the Groups (AD). Would still like to know how to do this manually and what caused the issue or when the issue is fixed.

Another related problem presented itself. I had created nine non-active directory Groups yesterday in Boss and manually added Members to these groups. It appears the nightly process has removed all members from these nine non-active directory groups.

How do we go about fixing this issue?

We are running Version of the application.

If the users are in AD it will move them to the group in AD. You can’t move AD users to a Handmade Group as it will overwrite and go back to the designed group it was imported from. Users manually created can be added to a group as long as they are not in AD.

This seems like a flaw in the system. When editing end users, the system provides the ability to put the end users into several groups (which is what we need). The active directory pull group assigns the end user’s to a department. We were adding staff to the additional handmade groups for special purposes.

For example; I was creating management groups (Directors and Deputy Directors) as when they put in a ticket, they should be processed in an expedited fashion compared to a regular end user’s ticket. The only way I can see to do this is to assign the directors to a handmade group and use the routing conditions to change the priority of the ticket. I can’t take the directors out of the Active Directory Groups because the department they are in may determine which technician gets assigned to the ticket. Also, I can’t take the directors out of the Support Central AD groups without taking all the users out of Support Central AD groups.

The Active Directory group only provides for routing via the Active Directory department attribute. There are several examples I could provide where a client (such as us) would want to route tickets based on other criteria then just the department. We don’t want to go with strictly handmade groups as that would be a pain to maintain as in most instances, the department attribute is sufficient for routing most of our users tickets.

If (in the future) the Boss Central Support could route tickets based on Active Directory Groups (so we don’t need to recreate/maintain equivalent Central Support handmade groups) that would be great because it would save us time on maintenance and prevent things from getting out of sync.

In the meantime, we can deal with Support Central pulling the departments out of active directory and us having to maintain some Boss Central Support handmade groups provided end users can be in both types of groups concurrently.

After discussing this issue with support, I found out that it is possible to use Active Directory Security Groups. The basic process to setup the application to pull in the AD security groups is as follows;

  • Log into the server for which the Boss Support application is installed.
  • Start the BSCAgent
  • On the Support Central SiteAgent window, click the check mark
  • Change the “What do you want Support Central to use for Groups?” question, change it to AD Groups.
  • Then place a check mark for each of the Active Directory groups you want pulled into the Boss system.
  • Once completed, click the right arrow until you have stepped through all the setting pages (1-5).
  • On page 5, click the green check mark to apply the changes.

((( Issue Resolved )))