Issues with the new Changes

I’ve been trying out the new Changes feature and have found the following.

  1. From within a ticket the Actions button doesn’t let me link to a change, just a problem.
  2. Changes do not follow the “Suppress team notifications when agent is set” option. I created a test change, assigned to a group and me as the technician (I am a member of the group) and it notified the group also.
  3. Closing the Change did not close the associated ticket like closing a Problem does.
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  1. Tickets don’t show they are linked to a Change. They show a linked Problem but the only way to see a ticket has been linked to a Change is in the event log.

What version are you on Currently. 317 will be coming out, it does not address all of these issues but those are being addressed. We will have a big upgrade coming late December , early Jan which will fix this issue and many others.