Merge/Bundle/Combine Tickets

I’m looking for how to merge, bundle, or combine existing tickets. For example, I have a PC with multiple users. The original user created a ticket, and while working on the issue, 4 other users opened similar tickets for the same issue. I would like to merge the tickets together, so everything falls under the umbrella of the oldest original ticket that was created for this problem. Also, the users who created to secondary tickets, get notified via the original tickets notes and updates. Is this possible?

V4.0.247 introduced Problem Management.

With this release going forward, you will be able to combine/merge/bundle tickets and roll them into a Problem and manage all the tickets at a problem level.

Thank you. 4.0.247 is not in production yet correct?

No it is not in production yet. There are a couple more items to add and then finish testing before it is released out.