Primary User clarification

I have a question about Primary User for an asset.

On the all assets page, it can be added using the Search function and then shows as an unsortable item.

On the individual asset general info page, if one selects to edit, Primary User is blank (even if a user showed under the Primary User column in all assets) and you can add a user. However, this does not affect what is seen on the all assets page. Even if you go to the individual asset Users tab and delete the incorrect primary user from the list of users, it doesn’t change the primary user in the all assets view.

I’m perplexed as to what the search column Primary User is pulling and why it doesn’t match the General Info selection.

One is a manual set, one is pulled from the logged in user, and 1 from that is primary associated. the logged in user is the one pulled from inventory.

OK - got it. By editing and adding a primary associated user, I can create a view that shows who the actual primary user is. With laptops that are regularly off network, often inventory is only pulled when someone from IT is working on them so it ends up looking like the IT person is the primary user rather than the actual primary user. It’s nice to look at the assets and see who the user is.

Thanks for the clarification.

If I understand this statement correctly, there are 3 locations for ‘user’?

What I know/use are:
Primary Associated User - manual add
Primary User - [first initial][last name] - automated/inventory/logged in user

this is correct.:slight_smile:

When in the default view for assets can the search also check the primary user field? Specifically for us the one that is manually set “Primary user” which is displayed under Control number. Thanks