Problem Ticket - Unable to close

Have created a problem ticket with several support tickets. We have closed all the underlying support tickets, however we are unable to close the problem ticket. When we click the Update and Close button, we get a popup window with a message “This ticket is closed” with a red x in a circle.

How do we close Problem tickets?

We are currently running version

It will close the tickets and the problem, but one of your tickets has an open approval or task and that is why.

There is a bug as the message should tell you which ticket and what is open, but that looks to be a bug. The message that is. Please look at the tickets and verify no open tasks or approvals as this should be the case.

There are no open tasks and no open support tickets or approvals.

Just went through all the support tickets again and no tasks or approvals were listed. All the associated support tickets are closed. Just not able to close the Problem ticket.

They are working on a fix, however the issue is the tickets that are closed. Not an open task or approval. So if any ticket is closed that is assigned to a problem ticket, then it will throw the error.




This issue has been fixed by one of the updates.