Questions about adding/using Custom Fields


I have refrained from using Custom Fields (CF) as much as I can. However, every so often, it would be nice to be able to track things - similar to being able to ‘flag’ a ticket - without using the Category field.

I’m thinking about using my first CF and labelling it “FlagAs” and would have the following Flags:

  • RetrunToWork
  • EOC_[eventName]

Here are my questions:

  1. How will adding a CF change reporting?
  2. Can the CF be set on Ticket Template?
  3. When a ticket is automatically created (via email), will I have to ‘edit’ the ticket to set the CF?


will not change reporting, but will allow you to included this as a condition or field.
No ticket templates does not allow CF
Yes you would have to edit the CF unless you can use a routing rule. Depending on your selection.