Routing Rule Action To email address sends email with no subject nor body

Version 4.0.218

I have

  • a form with a checkbox (true/false) that can be used by routing rules
  • a routing rule if Condition > is true, Actions > E-mail > To > email address > Email Template
  • an Email Template that has a static subject and 3 placeholders

I fill and submit the form, the routing rule matches the condition and sends an email. This is all tracked in the event logs of the ticket.

The bug
The email is received but contains nothing. No subject and no body.

Extra info
I have a separate form, routing rule, and template that works. The difference is the Action is E-mail > Requester > Email Template

Submitted to Development

Found that it works for all actions except when selection the Action of Email TO: See pic below

Is there a plan to fix the Email TO:?

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