Scheduled Tasks Calendar Report

Scheduled Tickets Calendar Report

The script is available here: Tasks Calendar Report

There is a new report available for viewing the Tasks schedule. The Scheduled Tasks interface shows frequency and day and time selection for each type of schedule but there is no convenient way to view repeating occurrences in a calendar format.

This new “Scheduled Tasks Calendar Report” provides a readable report for selected date range.


Exec BOSS_R_ScheduledTasksCalendar [StartDate], [EndDate], [TaskTypes]

Default dates: StartDate : Today, EndDate: 30 days ahead, TaskTypes = all


Exec BOSS_R_ScheduledTasksCalendar
Shows scheduled tasks for the next 30 days

Exec BOSS_R_ScheduledTasksCalendar ‘01/01/2017’, ‘03/31/2017’
Shows scheduled tasks for the period Jan 01 2017 through Mar 31 2017

  1. Filter by task types.
    The report query allows you an easy way to filter with an additional parameter. The task types parameter is a comma delimited string of numeric task types.

The task types available:

The Task Types currently mostly used are 0, 14 and 15.

So to view only Scheduled Tasks for Reports, use the query command:

exec BOSS_R_ScheduledTasksCalendar @TaskTypes = ‘15’
The result:


Show schdeuled tasks of type Reports and AD Sync for the month of March, 2017

exec BOSS_R_ScheduledTasksCalendar ‘03/01/2017’, ‘04/01/2017’, @TaskTypes = ‘14,15’