Search is confusing due to outdated material

We have been using BOSS for our help desk system for several years, however until recently, I have not been very involved in the installation, setup and maintenance. With the introduction of version 4.x, I (along with a coworker) have been assigned the task of re-inventing our help desk system so that we can better utilize the additional features the product provides in Version 4.x.

With this in mind, I am attempting to use your forum (as suggested by your staff) to find answers or pose questions regarding the product. Before submitting a “New Topic” I try to search your forum’s knowledge base to see if the question or problem has already been posted. I find this extremely difficult as there is no identifier as to what version of the product the post refers. Most of the posts I have pulled up refer to a version prior to 4.x (determined from the screen shots) which does not help and leaves me with the feeling that I am wasting my time.

Recommend the site either create a product version filter or break out the forum sections by major product version (for example; Version 2.x, Version 3.x, Version 4.x, etc.). This would make it easier to identify if the post is related to the version of the product we are currently researching.