Search within Tickets

So many times I make a ticket for an issue. Then find out I have to contact the vendor or another tech support. So I put their ticket number in my ticket for my records.

Months later if i need to pull it up, i can’t find the ticket based on their ticket number because it doesn’t search within the ticket.


You can search using the advance search option and use contains clause on title or description with the ticket number you are searching for.

Sorry, Ganesh but i’m talking about inside the ticket, not the Title or description. It already searches that without issue. I want it to be able to search through the additional comments added to a ticket on the inside. I’m looking at advanced but i can’t seem to find what that field would be called?

We also need this feature. Many tickets are generated straight from our users and they generally do not include useful information in the description. There are also many times where additional information is found after the ticket has already been created and added to the comments. The old version allowed the ability to search through the ticket (User and Technician comments).

As it stands, all the additional information we add to the tickets to use for future reference is incredibly difficult to use effectively because of the inability to search.