Service Catalog - Entering Requester

Entering Requester on a custom form now provide a “No results found” result. We were getting results yesterday when using this form (although not everybody showed up in the list as the users were disappearing from the Groups). The nightly process must have updated the active directory groups.

I am getting users listed when I use the Create New Tickets process, just not getting the users list in the Requester field when using the form. Tried this function on both Chrome and Internet Explorer and got the same results.

We are running Version

Meeting has been scheduled to go over your issues for Monday the 16th at 10am,

After discussing this with support, we found out that this issue was caused by me using hand made groups along with the active directory groups. When the boss system re-scanned and updated the active directory groups, it pulled the staff members out of the hand made groups. I was using the hand made groups as the means for authorizing the users for the Service Catalog form.

We have corrected this issue by changing our setup in BSCAgent to use “AD Groups” instead of “Department” as we already had Active Directory Security groups which contained the staff who would be using the form.

((( Issue Resolved )))