Service Requests are all being set to one Ticket Type

I’ve been creating multiple service requests, but when I test them, they all are being set to one particular ticket type. Because of this, the request is being routed to the wrong team. For example: I’ve got a Maintenance service request, but when I fill out one as a test, the Ticket number is created under the wrong type and shows up as the wrong type. I’ve checked the routing rules and don’t see what is causing this. Please help.

If you use the the Admin Create Ticket feature, you have to choose a ticket type. If you use a service catalog to create a ticket, there will be pre-assigned default ticket type in the service catalog. You can change it when you create the test ticket. If you leave it blank, it defaults to Service Request.

Routing Rules can override this.

Here is an idea:
You could create a “Testing” Ticket Type and create a routing rule to look for the keyword “test” in the title and assign it to the type “Testing”