Size limit of attachment in a reply comment?

Is there a file size limitation for attachments added to a ticket reply or private comment?

I have a tech that wanted to reply to a requester with a .doc containing some setup instructions. She could select the file and add a comment. Clicking Reply threw “An error has occurred! Error detail not sent by server.”

The comment did post but the attachment did not.

Upon further investigation I found her .doc to be 24MB. IMO that’s a ridiculous size of file to attach to a ticket and I am directing her to format the directions into a Knowledge Base Article if this is something she shares on a regular basis. She can then share the link to the article.

In further testing, a 5MB file failed but I was able to successfully attach a 3.96MB file. …that’s still huge!!

It’s fine with me if there is a limitation, I just need to document it.


There is a 5 mb size limitation on attachments.

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