SupportCentral 4.0 System Requirements

###Below are the requirements for running SupportCentral 4.0 hosted on a server:

  • MSSQL or SQL Express server with tools 2017
  • Application Server with Web Server (IIS) Roles Installed
  • Active Directory (recommended but not required)
  • Windows Server 2016 standard or better (for basic BOSS Support Central features)
  • .NET 4.8 framework Installed.
  • .Web Server Role and Web Sockets Protocol to be installed
  • one domain account for reading Active Directory and AD Sync
  • one sql authentication account for DB install and upgrades, must have sysadmin rights
  • one email account with IMAP enabled

###Best Practices:

  • 2 Windows servers with (Quad core or better with 16GB+ RAM)
  • 1 Server running MSSQL 2017 at least 20GB free disk space (dependent on your database‚Äôs projected size)
  • 1 Server running APP Server Role and Web Server roll (IIS 7.5 or above) with at least 60GB disk space
  • Active Directory managed domain.
  1. Please install all windows updates and then reboot and repeat this process until all updates have been completed
  2. Ensure that computers are joined to the domain
  3. Install SQL and server Roles
  4. After roles and SQL have been installed, please repeat the windows update process again.