SupportCentral 4.0 Update

The Asset Mgmt Piece has been done and the development team is fixing up the auto update. Once this test is successful we will be installing the beta versions. Release date will be in Sept.

Hey Kris,

So will have the beta versions installed in our server by the end of July? What are the next steps for us to have this installed in our environment?

AAA South Jersey

No I should have the fixed beta version by month end. Once tested I will begin scheduling installations with customers. It could be as early as next week, like late in the week when I start this. I will keep all informed in this thread.

4.0 is coming along nicely. The auto update and install are flawless now. The site Agent (which runs the AD Sync & Inventories, etc is getting cleaned up. Once this is done, we will start some beta testing at a couple of sites and then I will have a webinar to install for all customers who want the beta version. I will be doing several webinars to speed up the process of install and configure. The webinars will be me showing you what to do, and you doing it on your server or servers. You will not be muted during the webinars, so that anybody can ask a question so everyone can get the info they need. I will send out info when we get to this point.



Server Pre Req’s for BSC 4.0

Os must be 2k12 or higher

Database must be 2k12 or higher

16gb ram minimum if sql is on the same box I would prefer 32gb as this is what VM Ware and others suggest.

HD space we will discuss but to start off with 60gb

Development is on schedule even though we have not installed the beta at this time. We have a license web site for us on the support team, once this is finished we will start the installations. This way we can manage the customer licenses for all customers in one nice location.

Beta will be rolling out next week to some customers for install. Then I will release to all customers who want to install ahead of time so that you can start configuration and planning.