Technicians (Out of Office)

When a technician is on vacation, they turn on the Outlook out of office message. Since we have Team notifications on, the BOSS system send the technician and email which in turn causes an email message from the Technician’s Outlook to send a “Out of Office” replay.

Is there an option in the BOSS system to flag that a technician is “Out of the Office” so notifications are not sent by the BOSS system to the technician?

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Currently we do not have this option, but we can look at adding later on.

You may want to push this up on the priority list.

What has happened here is when the technician sets up an Out of Office replay and a notification occurs from support central BOSS application. An Email infinite loop occurs as we have it setup that end users can submit tickets via email.

  1. A ticket changes (comments added for instance) by the end user via email.
  2. BOSS updates the ticket and sends out an email message to the technician.
  3. The Technician has Out of Office setup which sends an email response to the sender (BOSS).
  4. BOSS receives the technician’s Out of Office email and creates a new ticket. Then sends a reply to the requester (in this case the technician because they were the sender).
  5. The technician’s mailbox receives an email from (BOSS) and then the loop starts again (Back to step 3)

There is no facility for turning off a particular technician’s notification in BOSS so we are either forced to turn all notifications off anytime a technician is out or no technician can use their Out of Office feature of their email.

I can also foresee this becoming an issue when an Watcher or Requester sets up an Out of Office message.

We looked at this from another angle and broke the infinite loop on the Exchange / Outlook side of things by setting up some rules for the BOSS Central Support help desk ticket email address.

So far, no looping…

also in your mailbox for imap you can put in an ignore token for Out of Office to eliminate this issue too.

For us, it seems at rare times, the ignore token breaks intermittently. (not often but it does)