User Management - Roles (Maintenance)

Running into a couple of issues regarding management of User Roles.

  1. In order to change a user’s role, I have to Demote them first, then Promote them and add the roles they had in addition to adding any additional roles. Recommend the process be modified so we can just add the additional role.

  2. If you need to adjust the roles of a user, you can’t Promote / Demote them while they have tickets open. This is a problem as most technicians will always have a couple of tickets open. In order to make the change, one has to re-assign the technicians tickets to somebody else, then Demote the technician, then Promote the technician and give them the additional roles, then re-assign their tickets back to them.

Is there a better way to modify a technican’s role permissions (For example: a modify button option)?

An example of when we need to change the roles would be; Technician 1 has been assigned the task of managing assets in addition to handling certain types of tickets. Technician 1 leaves the organization so we need to assign the management of assets to a pre-existing Technician 2. Technician 2 already has several open tickets. With the current process, we can’t assign Technician 2 to the our “Manage Asset Role” without having to run through the process described above (2).

Yes go to the tech in users and edit them as a user. In the edit section there is a role option where you can just change them from admin to tech or whatever role you need too. You do not have demote and promote and add back to teams, this feature addition was added in version 183.