V 4.0 Initial Release

SupportCentral 4.0 Release Notes

Build version: SupportCentral SiteAgent

Supportcentral 4.0 is a new version of Boss On Premise solution for Helpdesk Management and Asset Management applications.

Supportcentral 4.0 enables the customers to perform all the business processes that was available in versions 3.99 and earlier and also has major improvements and a number of new features and capabilities.


The entire application suite has been re-engineered and rewritten using the latest technology available on the Microsoft platform.

  • Brand new interface. Completely web based. The entire user experience for both administrators and end-users is in a consistent, user-friendly, responsive web based interface. The user interface is standardized and is the same across all products offered by Boss Solutions.

  • The old Manager (Desktop client) has been integrated into the web based solution. There is no more a separate desktop based client.

  • The old Scheduler and Network/AD Discovery and Inventory engine called Helpdeskservice has been replaced by a more powerful, user=friendly Service application called the BSC Site Agent.

  • The older Mobile applications for Asset Management and Helpdesk bas been consolidated into one integrated modern Mobile application. The Mobile app is available for IOS and Android platforms.

  • Security management: New Roles and Permissions based security management allows administrators to manage several levels of authentication and authorization roles to control visibility and access rights to users. Roles allow the administrators to quickly enable and disable features available to users real time.

  • Configuration. Previously configuration settings were maintained in several locations like Manager → Tools → settings, Web.config, Helpdesk service config etc. With the new release, all configuration management is located in a tab called Settings with all information organized in a user friendly format, that is available only to administrators.

  • Dashboards. Users and technicians with administrator access or any elevated access can create their personalized dashboards using a large number of configureable reports and widgets with graphical visualization and drill-down capabilities.

  • Reporting. Several methods of configureable reports and views are available. The Tickets, Assets and Users views offer the ability to maintain multiple views with different advanced filters and result sets that can be saved for both personal and global level access.

  • Service Catalog. This feature allows a powerful capability to enable users to report issues and incidents using customized, simple and user-friendly forms which can be organized in different categories. The access to these forms and categories can be controlled for different user groups.

  • Helpdesk Categories: Previously it was mandatory for each ticket to have a Group, Category and Subcategory to create a ticket. In Supportcentral 4.0, this has been greatly improved to allow any number of nested categories. It is possible to create tickets with just 1 level or multiple levels of categories.

  • Routing rules and SLA. This has been enhanced and enables administrators to write rules based on any kind of input from the ticket including custom fields.

  • Custom Fields: Custom fields have been enhanced greatly. Custom fields can be created for Assets, Users and Tickets. The Control types available for custom fields have been enhanced and include Single Line Text, Multi Line Text, Link, Integer, Decimal, Date, Checkbox, Dropdown List and Cascaded Dropdown List.

  • Survey Forms: Satisfaction Survey Form Generator is an additional optional feature available with SupportCentral 4.0. This enables the customer to easily create Customer Feedback forms. A special Closed Ticket Survey Notification template is available to notify the requester via email with a link to the Satisfaction Survey form. Details and metrics on customer feedback for All survey responses can be viewed in the Survey report.

  • Remote AgentThis text will be hidden: This is a add on component that can be installed on remote and disconnected systems that are not always connected to the corporate network. The Remote Agent will be configured to connect back to the Supportcentral server whenever they get connected to upload inventory information.

  • Import Assets: Assets that are not discovered automatically from network scanning and automated inventory collection can be manually imported in bulk from CSV files.

  • Dell Warranty, Password Reset, Bomgar integration: Interfaces to external systems and data sources are available. Currently available are
    Dell Warranty lookup and update : Warranty and manufacturer information can get automatically retrieved from Dell servers for systems with Dell serial numbers.
    Password Reset: Self service Active Directory password management enables end-users to reset or change their passwords after proper authentication using pre-configured personal information validation.

  • Knowledge Base: Powerful and user friendly Knowledge Base allows customers to avail quickly and easily resolve and answer many of their issues. Easy to author and edit and categorize Knowledge articles by authorized personnel.

  • Scheduler: This feature allows creation of Scheduled Tickets. Scheduled events can be viewed in a Calendar view or a List view.

  • Email Notifications: Email Notification templates for ticket lifecycle events for creation. Update, assignment, close, delete etc. can be easily created. Different notification templates for Requesters, Technicians and Watchers and individual options are available to turn any of these options on or off. In addition, user-defined custom email templates can be created that can be used to send notifications via workflow actions for SLA, Routing etc.