Version 4.x Documentation

Is there any documentation on Version 4.x of Support Central outside of this forum?

I am attempting to learn more of how this product operates and although I have gone through a webinar group demonstration, we still have several question regarding “How To” processes. For example; how are the E-mail templates utilized? Is this something we can use to send out standard email message in response to help desk tickets?

Knowing that this is still being developed, is there a list of what features are working and ok to use and which are still being developed?

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Currently the documentation is being worked on. However this is the best place to get info now or contact support at boss to answer any question.

The system has notification where templates are stored for what will be sent to tech, user, team and or watcher. I believe the templates you are looking at are for special emails to go out with the routing rules and SLA responses

All features in the product are working currently at this time. So if is in the system you can use it right now and I can give you an update as to what is coming. We do this so you can plan accordingly.