Where are attachments stored?

I’ve recently adjusted some ticket types and categories, and now there are some previous open tickets with attachments that users are unable to open. I tested and am able to duplicate the issue. I get an error when trying to open the attachments. New tickets with attachments seem to open fine. So I’m hoping there’s a place I can restore from.

Attachments are saved in the file system on the server or in any network location that is visible to the application. The location can be configured in the Settings → General → Attachments Folder.

By default this location is C:\ProgramData\BSC\Files. If you look at this location, the ticket related attachments are stored in subfolders [Attachment Folder]\Ticket[ticket-friendly-number].

The ticket-friendly-number is a derived value of ticket type and ticket number. For example, #IN-13196 is the value for ticket number 13196 of ticket type Incident which has a mnemonic of #IN.

If you changed the ticket type of a ticket say from Incident to Service Request, the application will look for a ticket-friendly-number of #SR-13196 and the old attachment links will not work.

work around: copy the files to the expected location.

Thank you so much! I found the folder and that was the problem. I had changed the Ticket ID so the web application couldn’t find the attachments for users. I manually renamed the tickets w/ attachments they were looking for and that fixed it.